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Devon Byers CMT, BCST
Healing artist, co-creator,

change agent
:: lumos ::
132 Main street
Montpelier, VT 05602
phone: 802-272-1681

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a form of bodywork that can help the body regulate the cerebrospinal fluid (fluid that runs through the spine and is in contact with the rest of the body) through touch. The practitioner’s gentle touch of the hands onto the skull, face, spine and pelvis of the client can have a positive effect on the whole body, mind and spirit.

As a change agent on your path in wellness, my vision is to co-create sacred space for deep healing. Working in the biodynamic model of Craniosacral Therapy, we will invite the innate Intelligence & Health of your body-mind system to settle into a place of quiet stillness & gentle relaxation, allowing for an ease-full release & letting go of the tension, stress, trauma & holding patterns that compromise the flow of  your vibrant well-being.