“I am happy to introduce myself as a free-spirited artist and expressive therapist, I have a Master’s degree in counseling and I am registered as a dance/movement therapist and bodyworker. For many years I have been leading expressive therapy groups for teenagers and young adults struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

Dance therapy sessions involve moving and finding words that come from and are deeply connected to the body. This is a heart-based practice that allows clients to get out of their heads and move through feeling stuck. Using yoga, authentic movement and contact improvisation, I help clients remember how to ground, piece themselves back together, re-embody their truths and find joy.”

​Dance and movement therapy can bring you back in movement when you feel stuck in life. Therapy sessions can include many different elements: free or instructed movement, circle dances, authentic movement, visualization practice, meditation and of course authentic social encounter with other people.

​Sarah Spletzer


692 Danville Hill Rd.

Cabot, VT
email: sarahspletzer@gmail.com
website: sarahspletzer.com/movementum


Sarai Hinkley

phone: 339-235-0203
email: saraihinkley@hotmail.com
website: www.skipperstone.com


​“I love working creatively and am certified as a visual artist and dance therapist. Along with my studies I developed a wide background in the field of dance and Bodywork in both Europe and the United States. Body Mind Centering, working with the voice, writing, using our hands to make an artwork might all find their space in a session.

With Healing Dance I want to offer people a space where they can unfold themselves and discover new ways to move – and dance – through life more openly and inspired.

I see it as my tasks to feel into the moment and to offer my clients what is needed at that time –  a listening ear, a sensitive eye, support, a new challenge, a person to share with.“