Wisdom of the Herbs School offers a unique experiential program embracing the local herbaceous plants, trees and shrubs, holistic health, and sustainable living skills, valuable tools for living on the Earth in these changing times. Participants learn through herb walks and nature adventures, communion with Nature, lecture and discussion, hands-on wild harvesting and preparation of wild edibles and herbal home remedies, with intention and gratitude. We also offer monthly Tree, Shrub and Herbaceous Wild Plant Walks Annie’s teachings are profoundly holistic and are inspired by a deeply intuitive connection with the plant-people.


Joann Darling
546 Anderson Rd
Barre, VT 05641
Phone number: 802-485-8313

Annie McCleary
Wisdom of the Herbs School
1005 County Rd.
East Calais, VT 05650
phone: 802-456-8122

​Herbalists know how to use the healing powers of plants. Bach flowers and other essences can be used for inner taking or for outer application. They can be a powerful alternative medicine that supports both physical and mental healing.