​​​​Headwaters offers classes in sustainable building techniques, permaculture, new economics, community development, and lifestyle changes and choices. To get on our mailing list for updates, fill out the form below.

​​We are compelled by the climate crisis, runaway inequality, and systemic racism to call for a Regeneration Revolution. Join us! Click here to sign up.

The pandemic has made our in-person workshops impossible, so we have moved to a webinar format. In 2021, we offered a workshop on The Economics of Reparation and Regeneration

​In the summer of 2017, we offered a weekend workshop on Womanomics, or what the economy would look like if it were designed by women. 

​In 2018, we produced a livestream workshop on An Economy for All of Us. You can watch it by clicking this link.

In the summer of 2019, we offered a series of Summer Sundays for young people of all ages in Cabot. Free lunch and activities designed to build resilience, self-esteem and an ethical framework to help with life's often confusing choices.

We offer internships for students who want to experience life in an ecovillage. Click here to read the experience of our last summer intern.  Write to gwendolyn@headwatersvermont.org for more information.

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