​​After experiencing the profound effects of the Life Vessel in the fall of 2013, owner Wendy Halley felt obligated to find a way to bring this technology to the people of Vermont and the Northeast. Wendy opened Lucid Path Wellness featuring the Life Vessel in October 2014 – it is currently the only Life Vessel center in the Northeast.

Lucid Path Wellness is a division of Lucid Path Healing Arts, LLC. Wendy felt that expanding her existing shamanic healing practice, Lucid Path Healing Arts, to include Life Vessel technology would provide comprehensive complementary healing services. Where the Life Vessel helps remedy the energetic distortions of trauma that we carry in our bodies, shamanic healing helps reconnect us to the personal power lost as a result of this trauma. Another way to look at it is the Life Vessel operates at the energetic level of reality while shamanic healing operates at the symbolic or dreamtime level of reality.


Wendy Halley

Lucid Path Wellness

97 State Street
Montpelier, VT
phone: 802-225-6413
email: wendy@lucidpathwellness.com
website: www.lucidpathwellness.com

​Lucid Path Wellness in Montpelier features a non-invasive state-of-the-art energy medicine technology called the Life Vessel. The Life Vessel uses light and sound frequencies to create an optimal environment for self-healing. Research has found that not only does spending time in the Life Vessel help to reset and balance the autonomic nervous system, but it also promotes physical, emotional and environmental detoxification. Vermont is fortunate to have the first Life Vessel on the East Coast.