Pat is an Earth Intuitive, using her whole spiritual and physical being by utilizing her gifts as a clairvoyant (seeing), clairsentient (sensing through touch), Clairaudient (hearing through different frequency), Clairalient (sense of smell), intuition and precognition.  This enables her to answer the questions for people about their homes or land spaces around the world.

Personal Coaching can give you new perspectives on how you see the world, and how your worldview drives your reactions. Intuitive coaching looks for insights about some of your pressing issues, and talk therapy helps sort out problems you have a hard time articulating alone. There are many types of coaching, we are in touch with several practitioners who offer this service.

Frances Weinbaum
Vermont Wilderness Rites
128 Bliss Road
Montpelier, VT  05602
phone: 802-249-7377


Miles Sherts
Sky Meadow Retreat
63 Winchester Rd.
Greensboro Bend, VT 05842
phone: 802-533-2505

Daria Babbitt
P.O.Box 302
Cabot, VT. 05647

Fran lives in East Montpelier, Vermont, with her husband, Peter, balancing the tending of goats, garden and hearth, and being a grandmother with work as a wilderness quest guide, ontological life coach, and organizational consultant. In all aspects of her life and work, Fran has come to trust that the power, the beauty, and the authenticity of going out on the land and listening deeply will bring people what they need to live their lives with deeper passion, meaning and purpose. 

Pat Trotter
Earth Intuitive Consultant
Passumpsic, VT 05861
phone: 802-748-221

Personal Coaching

Daria Babbitt has been practicing meditation since she was 20 years old. Her mentor (and future husband) was the late trance medium, Elwood Babbitt, known internationally as the “Medium of Massachusetts.”  She also studied Tibetan Buddhism with Khen Rinpoche  in Amherst, Massachusetts.  Daria teaches meditation classes in Cabot, VT with an emphasis on “watching the breath” and offers guided meditations as well as visualization practice. She gives clairvoyant “Life Readings,” which are her clairvoyant insight into past lives, health and information about chakras and mediumship.

Miles Sherts is a Conscious Communication teacher, he is offering workshops, private couples work, group training or facilitation, and individual coaching. He also works as a Insight Meditation teacher, offering silent intensive meditation retreats and individual coaching.