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Headwaters Garden and Learning Center
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The Summer Sundays program will feed our hearts, minds, and bodies with free lunch, arts, music, and fun activities designed to build resilience, self-awareness, and community connections.

Special Guests

Each week, we will feature at least one special guest who has some wisdom to share with the children and adults who come. Guests include Wendy Webber from Marlboro to teach compassionate communication, William "Spaceman" Lee from Craftsbury will talk about team spirit and sportsmanship, Peter King from Bakersfield will talk about polyhedral geometry, Tom Beck from Cabot will share teachings from the Abenaki tradition, Christyn King will give a beginning yoga class, Sarah Spletzer will lead a dance, and Janice Walrafen from Plainfield will give a mask making workshop. 

Curriculum Materials

We are indebted to the educational materials provided by the Unitarian Universalist Association. We have removed most references to religion, where possible, to make the materials accessible to everyone. 

Ages 3-6 Program: Our Homes

June 30     Story:   Aesop’s Fable of the Bees
                 Activity:  Color Beehive Poster / Learn Beehive Rhyme
July 7        Story:   It Could Be Worse
                 Activity:  Color Barn Poster / Who Shares the Barn Home?
July 14      Story:    Lizard’s Song
                 Activity:  Burrow, Den, or Nest Game
July 28      Story:   Thoreau and the Cottage
                 Activity:  Nature Journals         
August 4   Story:   Hare’s Gifts
                 Activity:   Make a Log Drum
August 11 Story:   The Best Meal
                 Activity:   Table Tents/Graces and Blessings

Ages 7-10 Program: Love's Lessons

June 30    Activity:   Changing Horrible to Beautiful
                 Story:    The Scratched Diamond
                 Activity:   Sharing Joys and Concerns
July 7        Activity:  Facts, Theories, Beliefs
                 Story:   Dinosaur Bones
July 14      Activity:   Riddle Game
                 Story:   Give Love
                 Activity:   Singing Magic Penny
July 28      Activity:   Animal Talk Game
                 Story:   The Cat
                 Activity:   Live Animal Observation
August 4   Activity:   Grateful Game
                 Story:   The Rebirth of the Sun
                 Activity:   Thanks Collage
August 11  Activity:   Rules We Live By
                  Story:   Love is the Golden Rule
                  Activity: Singing Love Songs

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Sunday Programs

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