Alicia is a certified Integral Yoga Instuctor. She has been teaching classes and workshops in her community since 1993. She currently has a weekly class in Cabot. Yoga postures, breathing practices and deep relaxation create a relaxing and energizing class. All ages and abilities are welcome!


Alicia Feltus
2627 Danville Hill Road
Cabot, VT 05647
phone: 802-563-3220

Christyn King

​50 Garden Way

​Cabot, VT 05647

(802) 563-2411​

YOGA and Yoga Therapy

Christyn offers private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions for individuals and couples, Embodied Mindfulness workshops, Therapeutic groups, and yoga classes. She is a Yoga Teacher, Group Facilitator, and Certified Yoga Therapist.

The ancient practice that originated from India works for body mind and spirit. The physical Yoga postures (asanas) together with breathing techniques can help you build up strength, flexibility, balance and focus.